How to order

You are about to create a product made expressly for you and whose design will be uniquely you. For this reason, we cannot take your items back, nor reimburse you once you have approved your final design. This design will be sent to you 48 to 72 hours after you submit your sketches and make your payment. The design you create on our website is just a sketch. If you want to add specifications to your design, you indicate them in the Comments section on the customization page of the products or directly by email at Please also note that the production lead time for your product is approximately 4 weeks. This delay can change according to the level of traffic in our production department.

​1. First, select your product. The minimum quantity depends on the type of product selected.  We use only technical fabrics which breathe and dry quickly. Since embroidery means more preparation and graphic fees, the minimums will be higher for these products.

  1. The second step is to select your design choice according to your type of hunting and your personal taste.. 
  2. Select a logo you like and its color.
  3. Insert your group’s name, your own name or the text you want. 
  4. Should you want more logos and/or prints on the shoulders, please mention it in the Comments section. 
  5. You must enter the sizes you want. If you have questions regarding product sizing, please contact us directly to obtain more information. As mentioned above, you must respect the minimums required in order to be able to submit your order. 
  6. Create your account and enter your personal information. This is a very important step, as we’ll need to contact you to confirm your order and inform you of the production lead time and estimated delivery date.
  7. Select your payment mode.
  8. Submit your order. 
  9. We will contact you by email within the next 3 work days and send you the final layout of your design. If you had put notes in the Comments section, we will take them into consideration. Should we have questions/limitations on your design production wise, we will contact you. 
  10. You will then sign the layout submitted to approve it for production. Once the approval has been received, the products will go into production and, from that moment on, it will be impossible for us to reimburse you. 
  11. We will keep you informed of the estimated delivery date. Should you need your products before the estimated delivery date proposed, you can always contact us and let us know when you’d like to get your order. We will be able to tell you whether or not we can deliver at that date.
  12. You will receive your order at the address you supplied for delivery. You’re ready for adventure with you new CONNEC customized products!