Camouflages designed for performance

Invisible movements

For the development of our two main camouflages, the Versa and the Digital, the way to foil the cervid's vision is to blur its vision of man with regards to our movements and our silhouette in a multitude of different natural settings. Since it is on the ground that we are the most vulnerable, the research was carried out largely on the ground.

Adapted colors

The distinction of colors for cervids is not like that of man. While they can see blue and yellow, they are unable to perceive green and red. By selecting the deer's daltonic colors with hints of beige, green and gray, not only are we in the most widespread mass of natural colors they perceive in their environment, we also remain sober and avoid colors that can capture its attention.

Ditital Camo

The Digital Camo

The Digital camouflage is versatile and suitable for many types of climates and seasons. The effect of the pixels foils the animal's vision and allows movements to go unnoticed, a benefit that is amplified by the repetition of patterns. The colors are reminiscent of the hues of rocky spaces, bark, branches, snow and lichen. The superposition of the pale and dark colors gives an ideal 3D effect to deceive the game's eye.

The Versa Camo

This unique camo with natural colors blends into the greens of deciduous trees and conifers, the brown of the wood and the gray-brown of the ground. The effect of color and depth is reminiscent of sunlight passing through the leaves and branches of the forest, which allows an optimal interference of the animal's vision.

Verso Camo