CONNEC proposes a unique concept that combines performance and customization. The result? Extraordinary clothing for hunting, fishing, the cabin, or for the great outdoors which are simply uniquely you.

Powered by its founders’ passion, CONNEC also benefits from Garneau, a Quebec company, for human and technical resources, for everything fabric-related and for garment customization. In addition, CONNEC products have been rigorously tested in the field by hunters and fishermen of all ages.

CONNEC To the wild

To choose CONNEC is to share a different vision. One of belief in a world where “networking” means closer ties to family, friends and neighbours you can count. Where “updates” are about the weather or animal movements. And where “connectivity” is not about gadgets and technology but about people and nature.

CONNEC is about authenticity, friendship, respect and maintaining traditions passed from generation to generation. These are the values serving to guide us, in reflection or in action, and promoting them is our mission. No matter what kind of fishing or hunting, or level of skill, preparation or passion, it is in the shared moments that magic is experienced, stories are created, and history becomes heritage.

CONNEC chooses to act as ambassador of everything that resembles us and unites us: we may live an urban life, but we are nonetheless inhabited by nature. In the great outdoors, enriched and inspired as we breathe in the fresh air, we always return to our more essential selves.

Simply put, back to the wild.

CONNEC To your image

We see and celebrate hunting first and foremost as a lifestyle, so we created CONNEC to offer you the possibility of customizing your “live-in” apparel, whether it be camouflage or chalet-wear. Our focus and emphasis on the apparel's technical and tactical features is impeccable and beyond compare, so you feel as confident as you do comfortable wearing them.

Whether you own or rent a cabin, are a “dyed-in-the-wool” hunter or angler, or just starting out, come join us and others like you and be part of the CONNEC culture—show your colours!  Enjoying hunting, fishing or leisure time with family or friends, on your land or in our magnificent parks and reserves, choose products created in harmony with your needs and your tastes. But most importantly, choose apparel made exactly to your image.