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PERFORMANCE FIT: Designed for minimal layering.

  • 5M1 VERSA

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Its composition consists of two fabrics laminated together. They are highly breathable and enhance the evacuation of moisture from one material to another in order to expel it to the outside and to dry quickly.



Its exterior is in high density fleece made from synthetic polyester fiber. During manufactures, the fabric is brushed to give it a peeling effect and appearance and then shaved so that it has the perfect texture. In order to prevent it from soaking up water too quickly during a rain or dew, we worked with researchers to obtain the best water-repellent treatment for this specific fabric. The treatment also makes it anti-stain. The fabric makes the water bead and takes some time during a rain before being soaked. However, it is not waterproof.



Its interior is made from soft microfiber fleece. On the microfiber, we have incorporated the GRAPHENE heat retention technology with honeycomb print. This treatment also makes it anti-odor and anti-bacterial. GRAPHENE is actually an allotrope of carbon, which is the best thermal conductor to date. 

The VERSA camo

This camouflage with natural colors and shapes blends into deciduous trees and conifers. Its colors reproduce their green, the brown of the wood and the gray-brown of the ground. The color effect is reminiscent of the sunlight streaming through the leaves and branches of the forest. The layering of light and dark colors gives a 3D effect, which allows optimal blurring of the animal's vision.


The '' Fit '' is sporty, it is designed to put on a minimum of underlay. If you want to wear it later in the season with more clothing underneath, it is advisable to take it one size up.

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