Our mission

To create hunting clothing made to deliver performance and endurance by placing the hunter's needs at the forefront of the design process.

CONNEC strengthens our connection with nature. No generation gaps between friends and family while in nature. Always strengthening our bond and passion for everything outdoors.

Believing in nature’s balance. Learning, following and sharing the ways of the hunting woods. We live the hunting lifestyle. Let us help you live out your passion.

Let’s get out there. Allow us to equip you to make the most of your time outdoors. Attention to design detail is a must. An emphasis on the technical aspect of clothing is what drives us. We strive for comfort and confidence in all our products. Do what you love. Relaxing at the cottage, scouting for your next hunt or that once in a lifetime adventure; we make clothing for every aspect of your life.


Be adventurous. Travel to places you once thought too far, too remote, too wild. Push your boundaries with clothing designed to surpass your limits. Make new stories, new adventures, new traditions.


Pride in our traditions, our passion and our commitment to our brand.


Fueling the passion of hunting, and making it a way of life.


Be in nature, respecting its bounty and the great game that it holds.


Sharing wild experiences with our closest friends and family. Sharing our knowledge and traditions with loved ones.


The connection with nature and people is what fuels our outdoor passion. The experiences that only hunting and being adventurous can .